A Good Start

It’s pretty early to feel optimistic on such a big project as annual goals, but I’m feeling very positive at the moment, so thought I’d share the progress from the first ten days of the year. What I’m loving is that I’ve made such great progress, while at the same time feeling as if I’ve gotten some good and desperately needed “mental health” time off. Not sure how that works, but I’m feeling more positive and relaxed than I’ve felt in many months, and I’m loving it!

I’ve enjoyed my music time this past week, focusing on learning the fingering on the flute for the basic 8 note C scale. It’s not difficult to limit the time I spend at it, though, as my arms, fingers, and breathing aren’t used to the new techniques I’m learning. Various instructional and music books are on the way.

I’ve spent a lot of focused time getting back in touch with a shawl that I’ve designed, which is intended to be one of the patterns I publish this year. It’s a large project and a bit picky in the knitting, so it’s going to take some time. However, it’s also really pretty, and I think it’s going to be very special. I’m excited to finally see it growing, and I’m pleased with myself for making more time for my budding business since the first of the year, too. In the coming weeks, I need to sort my time into work knitting and work pattern making, but at least I’ve gotten back into doing something that qualifies as work. 🙂 I also can hardly wait to be able to reveal this project – worse than keeping Christmas secrets!

A huge project over the past ten days has been putting a substantial amount of energy into my email problem. I started with the inbox of my most active email account, which was sporting over 11,000 emails, nearly 8000 of them unread. This was a jumble of informative treasures, useless “me too” posts from groups, and emails from friends – and a few foes – all built up over the past 5 years. Often when I come home from an extended travel, I find it very difficult to get all my email read, which isn’t surprising, since I frequently struggle to get through even a day’s worth in a day. I’m stubborn, though, so I don’t want to do a whole scale delete of things that may be of value to me. On the other hand, having 11,000 emails in my inbox was depressing! Now I have two functioning computers, however, and I figured out a great way to attack the problem. I set them up side by side with one in old emails and one in new ones, and while one page loads, I read the other, allowing me to fly through my mail at record pace.  As of yesterday, I no longer have any unread messages in my inbox – and my total is only 4000 messages! It’s still a lot of stuff to finish filing (still debating on whether I should drive some friends crazy by  answering emails from 2005), but I’m so thrilled to have sorted and dumped that other 7000-8000, plus the hundreds of emails that have come in new since the start of the year, that I’m positively floating! What a weight off my back already! 🙂 One big sorrow remains, though. It makes my heart ache to see how many emails I’ve received from friends that were never answered. I’ve found many lively conversations that were abruptly ended because of my busyness, and far too many notes from people who gave up on me ever writing again, and it reminds me how much I lost when my life spun out of control.

So anyway, back to the goals business – and yet another exciting bit of progress. It was due date for my credit card, and with Christmas money plus the income from starting knitting classes again last Monday, I was able to make a substantial payment. I’m SO hoping that I’ve seen the last of having $100 of interest added to my account each month! That interest bit bothers me more than the total due, as it’s money entirely wasted – no value received by me.

And I’ve finished reading two books, more than accomplished my blogging goal, almost learned my memory verse (and found out how rusty I am on such tasks!), and re-purchased the last program I need to get back on track with the pattern writing. If I can keep progressing at anything near this pace, I will certainly have a satisfying year in 2010. If I don’t, I still have a glowing 10 days upon which to reflect. 😉

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