Two in a Day

I did a really lousy job of blogging my knitting last year, but hope to rectify that this year, perhaps even doing a bit of catch up, if I find myself with time on my hands and out of other stuff to write… Hah! :))

I’ve had a frustrating week in many ways, so I really surprised myself when my knitting time last night produced not one, but TWO finished projects! Admittedly, they aren’t Sharon Miller shawls, but they are still finished objects, useful, pretty… and one of them is a UFO from way back. 🙂

I was getting really tired of having cold feet in bed, my frustration hitting a high point coping with the recent cold snap and living in a very drafty house. I finally succumbed to the wisdom of the ages and dug out the hot water bottle from the back corner of the bathroom closet. It worked great, but one night snuggled with that nasty rubber bladder was more than enough to convince me that it needed wool wrapped around it. Glack! I remembered a lonely ball of worsted weight, handdyed yarn I’d bought from Robin Dodge at One Sheep Hill for a project that ended up being diverted to another ball of yarn… Perfect! A few minutes searching the Ravelry database provided me with a simple but interesting, free pattern for a very attractive hotwater bottle cozy in worsted weight. Check out the Trebuchet Hotwater Bottle Cozy on the blog, Trampled by Geese – perfect! 🙂 I grabbed my beloved DPNs, which never seem to get enough these days, and cast on immediately. Even with everything else I’ve been having to deal with, just five days later, I have a finished, snuggly sweater from my bottle. I love it!

The knitting was quick and easy, and my Brittany DPN’s were the absolutely perfect needles to use on this particular yarn. They glided smoothly and didn’t split stitches. I’m far too familiar with comfort food, but I think this is a first time experience for me with a comfort knit. I’m not saying that I don’t use my knitting for stress relief and all, because I do, but this particular project was a totally magical experience, and I’m fighting the urge to just cast on with the remaining yarn and knit in circles until it’s gone, just for the sensual pleasure it provides.

BTW, the irony of this project is that the colorway for the yarn is “Glacier.” Nothing like making a hotwater bottle cozy from Glacier yarn…

So, I finished that project up and still had about two thirds of the last disk on my audiobook to go. Not one to waste valuable knitting time, but not wanting to pick up a complicated project for just a half hour or so of knitting, I cast about for something less involved to do. Ah HAH! In some cleaning this week, I finally found the missing card of buttons for what was supposed to have been my first BSJ. I still had ends to bury and a shoulder seam to sew, in addition to the buttons, but if I didn’t lallygag over the  normally despised finishing work, I just might be able to get it done before the end of the CD…

YIPPEE!!!!! And the funny thing is that it wasn’t until I was done that I realized I’d accidentally accomplished part of one of my annual goals – the one about finishing 3 pre-July 2009 UFO’s! That sure was painless. 🙂

The buttons were pricier than I’d have normally bought, but DH was with me picking them out, and even he said they were “the ones.” In fact, he made me stop looking the moment we tried them, saying there wasn’t going to be another button in the world that suited it better. Can’t argue when he says something like that; it was a very rare sort of statement coming from him!

I’m not sure I’m thrilled with the yarn I used, Queensland Collection Bebe Cotsoy, as it fuzzes quite a bit even in the knitting, but it’s definitely soft and lovely to the touch. I’ll be interested to see how it wears, though I shan’t know for quite a while. This is for my grandma hope chest, and seeing as how there aren’t even any grandbabies in the oven yet… 😉


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