Christmas 2009 Part 1

Remember? I said I’d get to this eventually! Honestly, I’d have probably let it slide except it was pretty special to me. I HAD to share!

When my daughter came home on furlough in November, back when I was offline for so long, she brought me both my birthday gift and Christmas gift for last year, and I think she really outdid herself. I wanted to show off her work!

My daughter doesn’t have a Bleuette, but she’s an excellent seamstress, so she arranged with AnneLise Wilhelmsen of Londonberries to get one of her patterns. Working from that pattern, which she customized, and using fabric she purchased in Honduras, she made this lovely dress for Josianne Carol (Mary Raleigh Daisyette). Josianne is thrilled, as the only thing she had to wear until now simply did not suit her. Now she’s wanting me to make her shoes and socks. Reminds me of the children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie for some reason…

Then, with nothing to go by except the pattern, DD guestimated the measurements and produced an outfit for Elayna Noelle (Raikes Bobette “Brandy”), modeled after the Guatemalan huipils. This suits Elayna so well that it looks as if she’d going shopping with her in mind, but she actually made it having no idea that Elayna had been craving a Central American outfit of some sort. I can’t imagine what I could make her in the future that would convince her to change out of this ensemble!

Just the other day, I overheard the girls whispering, wondering when their “big sister” might be coming home for another visit. Any wonder? 🙂


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