Slow Motion Disaster

I just wanted to put up a short post tonight with a ceiling update. I’ve been running like crazy this week, trying to get Concerto published in time for the pattern to travel to a tradeshow in February with some friends. Monday I’ll be in the city, so I can get it printed then, but first I have to have it ready. I’ve also been working diligently trying to get ready for the Ravelympics. I’m entering one of the designer events there, and it’s a good thing I’m allowed to swatch in advance. The pattern I’m doing has given me plenty of grief! At the same time I’m juggling those two projects, I’ve also been continuing work on my next lace shawl design, which thankfully is in the knitting phase and proving very addictive when I actually have enough time to sit and work on her.  I can’t wait to share pix, but just as a tease, she’s got bling! And that’s all I’m saying for now – partially because I have to get back to work, and if I start talking about what all has really been happening this week in my life, I’ll never stop. 😉

So, the ceiling is still up, and those of you who put in guesses in February are looking very wise indeed! The drip has slowed to only an occasional drop here and there, and I thought perhaps the danger was past, but yesterday, there was a sudden change in the topography…

I mentioned earlier that DH said he’d caulked, but obviously this problem got bigger than his caulk gun. He’s pulled apart the faucet, but he says it was dry back there. He’s now talking about getting a plumber in – a HUGE concession on his part, but a lot of stress for me, as a handyman would be a most inconvenient addition to my life this next week or two – especially considering it will equate to needing a lot of things moved and an lot of mess happening. I just really need a big “pause” button on the ceiling/plumber thing for a week or two!

So anyway, you can see from the picture that there are suddenly a lot of new cracks. They all showed up Friday, after several days of no noticeable leaks or changes in appearance, so they feel rather ominous. That was a big, abrupt change, and it says that things are still going on behind the scene. I’d swipe that stupid cobweb, so it wasn’t in my pictures, but quite frankly, I don’t want to touch the ceiling right now!

Okay, I said this would be short. I have a pattern to finish, and there’s still plenty of work to do!


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