Goals Post – January 2010 Recap

So, January 2010 is now history! What a busy month it was, and February looks as if it will be a wild ride, too! I feel like I had a good month of progress toward my goals, and I’ve even done a fairly good job of not feeling impatient that I couldn’t get to everything all at once. 😉

January didn’t see progress on my miniature related goals or any of the remodeling work. I’m a little disappointed about the latter, as winter is flying away at a rapid pace, and there was a lot I wanted to do in terms of painting. The majority of my other goals saw some sort of progress, though, even if it was only baby steps. Enough baby steps will eventually lead to accomplishments, of course!

The most massive project I undertook during January was to get Concerto ready to publish. I just discovered I have one more fix to make tomorrow morning, which is agonizing due to what it is. However, the worst of the work is finished, and tomorrow I’m intending to celebrate! That will be one of my four patterns published this year. I’ve put in a good bit of time on the one I hope to publish during the Ravelympics, and I’ve been knitting whenever I can on my next lace shawl design, so it’s easy to feel positive about this particular goal!

My smaller areas of progress are fairly numerous. I’ve spent several hours sanding my spinning wheel, remembering why she was so easy to set aside more than a year ago. ;o) I finished my BSJ for my first UFO, and I’ve been working on my next one, which I’ve converted it to knitting continental style so I can reach my competency goal for that at the same time. I’m slow – feeling very much as if I’ve just learned to knit – but I AM doing it, and I know that my fingers will eventually learn the new tricks I’m trying to teach them.

Even with my flute wooing me, I’m surprised to find it so difficult to keep up with my music goal. Now I understand why it had been so long since I’d played. It feels good, though, even if I am having to strive for this one! The weekly blogging has been much easier! I’m behind where I would like to be on my reading, having logged only 7 books so far. The intense work on Concerto has eaten huge holes in my reading and knitting time, and I miss it!

For the spinning and CSM, I’ve registered for a retreat that will be populated by crankers and spinners – 4 days of immersion! Surely I can make a pair of socks in that length of time, and there will certainly be at least one person there who is eager to encourage a spinning addiction as well. 😀 If I’m really on top of things, I’ll take my hand cards with me, and some fleece, and perhaps get help with those, too. That will help with my “fleece to finished” goal.

An exciting thing has been gathering everything I need to try some Navajo style weaving. I believe I have all the supplies for a loom, the minimum of tools, and all my yarn – as of tomorrow. I’ve also designed my project! It will definitely be a “squeeze it in” sort of deal for the next while, as February is already full to the brim. I’d be thrilled if I could have my loom put together by the end of the month, though. I really wanted to weave on a tri-loom this year, too, but I keep running up against walls there. I can’t seem to find one to borrow or rent, and I’m loathe to buy one just to make one or two projects.

The annually recurring part of my list has seen a little bit of progress, too. Debt is down, weight – well… maybe a pound, but I’ve been more aware of things the last week, so hopefully will do better soon. My email account is already about 10,000 messages lighter than at the beginning of January, though even at that rate, it won’t be done by the end of the year. I have my Bible verse very securely memorized: ” I have come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on Me should not abide in darkness.” John 12:46

And last – and definitely not least – DH is talking rather confidently about us going to Alaska this year – which would most definitely count as “someplace new.”

So, I think I can say that even working around knitting classes and ceilings and all the other stuff of normal life, I’ve had a positive month. I’m exhausted from the Concerto marathon, but still feel very upbeat about everything right now. Bring on February!!!


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