The Sun Also Shines!

I’ve had these pix for a couple of days, but I’ve been too busy to get them posted. The day after the storms last weekend, it was sunny out, and the sky was an impossible blue. Not surprisingly, I simply had to snap a few more pix with this delightful third background.

Love this guy’s character!

Some things my new camera actually does very well! 🙂

I’ve been wearing my Changeling Socks a lot this winter, and absolutely loving them. 🙂 These are the socks I made under a bit of duress. My students wanted to make socks, and I wasn’t in the mood, but I didn’t tell them that. Instead, I bought some Wendy Guernsey wool from Schoolhouse Press and made the project a bit more fun by dyeing some of it to accent my socks. I started out with a KAL, but quickly decided that they just weren’t going to fit me correctly, so somewhere in the midst of the overly pointy toe, I reverted to Cat Bordhi’s Ridgeline pattern, which, of course, was a perfect fit – if you don’t look at the toes, that is. 😉 The pattern change is what inspired me to name them Changeling Socks, one definition of changeling being something that changes from one thing into another. What you can’t see is the bubbled, peekaboo ankle stripes. More pix here on Ravelry.

One additional comment on the socks… If you noticed a little spare color bleeding into the white, I rushed the dye job, and I suspect now that I didn’t nuke it quite long enough, and possibly didn’t rinse them thoroughly. If that wasn’t enough, the second time I washed them, I didn’t splash any vinegar into my rinse water. They don’t look quite as sharp now, but they are still delightfully warm and comfortable.


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  1. cool socks. lol.
    Seriously, nice pic

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