Only a Week Late

I had every intention of posting these pix last Sunday on Valentine’s Day. Then I met The Skein From Hell, and things suddenly got a bit out of hand.

My second round of snow-dyeing went really well, and if anything, I like the results even better than the first. What I did NOT like is that when I started to reskein the yarn, the first skein was a horribly tangled mass. It took me over two hours to get it sorted out, and I ended up having to intentionally break it at least 3 times in the process. Any other skein would have either ended up in the trash or been returned, but of course, beings as it was one of three hand-dyed in a one of a kind lot, I sort of needed to work it through. It is probably the worst two hours I have EVER spent with fiber in my hands! It didn’t help that I had only about 45 minutes free to reskein, photo, and blog the results…

I made a few small changes, but I’m not sure if they made any difference in the finished project, since I used different colors.

First changes were washing in Synthropol, then soaking in a very strong vinegar solution. Then, although I still didn’t measure my water, dye, and vinegar in the dye mixture, I was much more careful to keep them close. The third change was being careful to put the lightest color on first and progress to the darkest. Colors used were Scarlet, Fire Red, Vermillion, and Burgundy.

After the melting, this is what I had. I could see at least three of the colors, but they looked different than I’d expected. I let everything sit covered in plastic wrap for about 6 hours so it would warm to room temperature. I was hoping to lessen the temperature change shock. Then I microwaved each skein four times for 2 minutes each time – total of 8 minutes instead of 10. Then I let them cool completely to room temperature before washing. I still saw next to no color loss during washing, which pleased me, since red has always been a problem color for me. I also discovered that the heat apparently activates at least some part of the color, as they had become very bright and intense. 🙂 Oh, and the last thing I did differently was to add a squirt of conditioner to the rinse water, which helped the fragrance dramatically.

The truly funny thing to me was that the purple that disappeared from my first project showed up in this one! I used 4 colors that were degrees of red. So where did the purple come from? This looked so delicious fresh from the wash water! It made the perfect Valentine’s Day cake, don’t you think?

Despite all the extra TLC – shorter nuking, slower temperature changes, and gentler handling, this yarn was lightly felted to, as far as I could tell, the exact same degree as the first bunch I did. Thankfully, it didn’t ruin the yarn, but I’m a little frustrated to have not made a difference in that regard.

After reskeining, I was even more pleased with my work. This actually looks like yarn I’ve paid good money for!

And there are clearly four colors in this final project, so nothing disappeared this time around.

I still want to do one more batch of snow dyeing, but my trip to the yarn store last week was canceled by the storm. Now I’m hoping I’ll still have enough snow to do the last colors I want to try.

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  1. Oh so pretty… Good to see that you are finding time to experiment. The colours turned out great in my opinion.

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