The Easy Medal

I’m still working frantically on my main project for the Ravelympics, but I’ve had no choice but to take breaks here and there. Earlier this week, I had several days straight with no legitimate interruptions, so I created a few. I simply had to get up and move around, not to mention do something different with my hands if only for a few minutes. Besides, the snow was melting, and I had two more skeins of the base yarn I’ve been using to snow dye. It was the perfect diversion, since it took about a half hour to set up one day, then it wasn’t until the next day that it had melted down and was ready for the microwave. The third day was for reskeining – a project which tends to make getting back to my marathon knitting sound like a lot of fun…

I used Silver Gray, Spruce, Gold Ochre, Aztec Gold, Chestnut, Olive, and Brown – quite an blend of colors. I was feeling a bit dangerous. 😉 Actually, I picked colors I was seeing outside as the snow pack was melting away, and I just didn’t know when to stop! This is also dyed on the same Jojoland Merino laceweight base I’ve used on my other two snow dyeing experiments this month.

It really just looked like mud once the snow melted through, and I was a bit worried.

However, I’m completely satisfied with the end result!

And I finally figured something out. My colors are different than expected because I’m not exhausting the dyes I’m using. Different parts of the dyes grab at different speeds, and since a lot of this dye is just running through the yarn, only portions of the colors are actually sticking, I think… Right or wrong, I’m totally satisfied with the results I’ve been getting, and from now on, I know I’ll be looking forward to snows that are big enough for me to break out the dyes!

And by virtue of absolutely having to take breaks from my knitting, I not only have two more gorgeous skeins of lace yarn, but I finally earned my first Ravelympics 2010 medal!

All together… Tah, DA-dah, dah, dah dah, dah…

And now, my very short break is over, and I need to get back to that knitting! I’m still not sure if I’m going to get this project done in time!


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