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I can’t believe I’ve not finished the half written post I’ve had all week! I still need to do it soon, but since I’ve promised to blog at least once each week this year, and I’m not possessing a lot of time at the moment, I’m just going to share my current, unexpected knitting frenzy – socks! What’s unexpected is that although I have 3 pairs of socks on my goal list for this year, those are socks for me, and these are socks for someone else. The irony here is that I adore my hand knit socks, but I’m not fast at knitting them, nor have I managed to become addicted to the process yet, so I have exactly two pairs to my name. I wash one while wearing the other – not always easy to manage, but my feet are spoiled rotten, and they don’t like me when I put those Walmart things on them any more. 😦 Under these circumstances, the LAST thing I ever expected was to be making socks to give away. However… well… when my daughter was home on furlough, she sort of gave me this look… then picked out some yarn… and now I need to make socks for her, which I’m calling her birthday gift, and I need to get them done quickly! Thankfully, she wants thick, warm, smooshy, colorful socks, so she chose worsted weight yarn in fun colors. Silly me, though… I thought I could whip up a pair on Sundays during the Ravelympics! Did I mention I’m a VERY slow sock knitter? And I’m still not quite ready to think about what happened during the Ravelympics yet!

This past week, I realized these socks really need to be done quickly, beings as I’ve already missed her birthday and will be seeing her fairly soon, so during the week, the first pair went from being toes to socks, and the second is following quickly in their footsteps, while I do little else but knit and catch up a bit from February.

These are knit from Lorna’s Laces Shepherd’s Worsted Multi in the Watercolor colorway. We have large feet in our family, so I ended up using a little more than a full ball of yarn, making me glad I bought two. With an average sized foot, I suspect one would have been plenty, but when you are knitting for a 10.25″ foot with a 9.5″ midfoot circumference, it really eats up the yarn!

I used Cat Bordhi’s Upstream Master Pattern with a standard toe, except I did my increases two stitches in from the edge instead of just one, in order to produce a somewhat deeper toe box. When I started the arch expansion increases, I used purls for the second companion row between the increases rather than knits. The heel is Eye of Partridge, which I think looks really nice in this yarn, the ribbing is 3×1, since she wants these primarily as bed socks and I didn’t want them to be overly tight. I used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off for the first time on a pair of socks, and I’m quite pleased with the results. With this heavier yarn, it gave a sweet ruffled look to the top edge, and I like it a lot.

I’m hoping in a few days to have a second completed pair of socks to share, but for now, I’ll just show you the toe picture I took a couple days ago.You will also note that I’m doing two socks on two circs. Although I don’t enjoy this nearly as much as I enjoy working with DPN’s, I’m realistic enough to know this is likely the only way I’ll actually get them both done before my deadline, and at least I don’t have to think the pattern through twice this way. The increased speed from that probably counters the frustration I have from spending so much time trying to keep my needles and two ends of yarn from the same ball from tangling… I hope! Anyway, I mentioned this because I wanted to point out that Cat’s book does not share info on knitting socks two at a time. If you want to use one of her fantastic patterns two at a time, you can make it work, but you should expect to learn the technique somewhere else. Her book is written for both circs and DPN’s, just not details on two at a time.

While working on these for her, I’m daydreaming about making my own two pairs, too, though that isn’t going to happen right now, nor so quickly, no matter how much I wish it. I’m not quite so high of a priority in this arena, so will have to wait patiently in line. 😉


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  1. coming out of lurking to say that your CSM is the answer to your “only have two pair of socks” dilemma. Once you climb what all refer to as the “steep learning curve”, you and your family will reap the benefits. I say this as the mother of a girl with size 10 feet!

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