Blog Candy Winner!!!

Sorry I’ve been SO quiet about this lately! Life hasn’t been conducive to thinking about things that aren’t critical at the moment I’m living, and since the ceiling is still up, it’s definitely not been critical. 😉

So, the way this all turned out… Hubby finally decided maybe I was right – that he hadn’t fixed the leak after all. I think it had something to do with the bulge growing and the water continuing to drip through every time he took a shower. 😀 He went back and studied the situation  much more carefully and found a gap where the bottom of the shower and the wall overlap – with the bottom of the shower in FRONT of the wall instead of the other way around. He caulked it, and the leak finally stopped. I said I’d wait a month to see if it came down after the fact, and since it is still up now in mid-March, I think there is one comment that is most accurate:

On January 22, 2010 at 4:57 pm Doreen Said:

I voted for not this time as I am like the ostrich who buries his head in sand. I hope it does not collapse and that it will get repaired before anything happens. It is wonderful that you can be so good natured about all this. By the way I like your kitchen wallpaper.

So, I think Doreen is the winner – though when she wrote the comment, I actually laughed and said, “Don’t I wish!” Way to go, Doreen! I’m SO glad you were right! I’d say your optimism really paid off. 😀 Only bad thing is that I now have a VERY ugly ceiling to live with! 😉 Maybe I’ll have to have another contest to guess what month and year it’s repaired…

Doreen, I’ll drop you a note privately, but if somehow we get lost in cyberspace, contact me for your prize!

Thanks again to you all for playing along with me! I can’t remember every having this much fun with something that should have been so unpleasant! 🙂


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