Goals Post – Belated for February

Oops! This is what an insane life accomplishes! I was SO sure I could keep up with a monthly update on my goals at the very least, beings as one of my goals is a weekly blog post. Yeh, right! 😉

The good thing is that despite everything, February was a positive month for my goals, though there were a few times I was worried about some of my weekly goals! I kept up with my weekly music, but really wish it were happening more often than weekly.

With the introduction of F and C in my flute music, my ability to master new notes slowed dramatically. I’m having some challenges with the flute wanting to squirm out of position. I’m also not developing breath control as quickly as I would like, and long practice sessions just aren’t in my near future, as there is definitely muscle fatigue after about 15 minutes. Maybe things will calm down by the end of March for a bit, and I can practice more often.

I lost a few pounds during February – probably from speed knitting. 😉 Seriously, I’ve made a couple of small dietary changes that I think may be bearing fruit. I also saw a nice balance decrease on my charge card – another type of weight I’ve been carrying and don’t need. Baby steps on both of these, but they will add up over time, I know!

Due to what I’ll share last, I’ve managed to catch up some on my reading, and I think I’m currently back on track to get my 100 books read again this year. My Bible verse was more of a challenge this month, though, as my brain was terribly full of a number of other things. I did manage to conquer it: The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by Him, and the Lord shall cover him all the day long. Deut 33:12. And I continued practicing January, so I have them both solidly now.

So, knitting I’ve saved for the last item, and that’s because it was my biggest accomplishment of the month. 🙂 I managed to publish not one, but TWO patterns during February! The first was Concerto, which I’d written and used as a KAL last autumn. It was supposed to be published in November, but when the computer went on the fritz, my plans flew right out the window. I was more worried about whether I still even had a pattern than when I’d get it published. Finally, when a friend offered to take the finished patterns to a trade show for me, I decided it was time to actually get it in print. It was a much grander project than I’d expected. I assumed since I’d done tutorials and the pattern had been used by dozens of people, it would take me a long evening to have it ready for the printer. Instead, it took me over 33 hours of work and the help of two proofreaders to mold it into something worthy of publication. I published Concerto in two versions – just the pattern alone, and a 43-page tutorial version that is actually a complete class for beginning lace knitters.

Both are available through Ravelry as downloads, and I have print copies for sale in my Etsy shop, too. It was quite a learning experience for me, but I’m seriously proud of the finished product!

Now, having finished that, I’d have thought it more than enough of a project, but the Ravelympics were starting in just days… and a friend had prodded me into entering the Designer Biathlon… I’ll just say in this post that by the end of the month, I had two more patterns published on Ravelry, though I’m counting them as one for my Goals list, due to the fact that they go hand in hand. 😀 I’ll save details for another post, though. However, this means that I have 2 of my 4 patterns I wanted to publish this year done – though one of them was totally unexpected!

Coming off of a month where I’d spent about 75% of the days knitting 10 hours or more each day, I sure had high hopes for March having a bit of variety! Just wait until you hear what has happened… but not quite yet… 😉


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