More From My Nutsy February!

I earned more medals than you’ve seen! 😀

See? Given enough time, perhaps I’ll actually catch up on everything! So, anyone been wondering just what it was I did for my main project in the Designer Biathlon in the Ravelympics? The criteria for the event was to knit a project and create and publish the pattern on Ravelry during the 17 days of the Vancouver Olympics. Anyone who knows me at all, surely knows I didn’t settle for something intelligently simple like a hat or mittens. No, I plunged boldly right into the deep end of the pool! My project used nearly 2000 yards of worsted weight yarn, multiple charts, and for good measure, I created a girl’s and a boy’s version both! (Hence the two medals.) The only “easy” thing I did is that although I published the boy’s version, I didn’t knit it. Instead, Sara Greer did that as my test knitter while I did the girl’s version. I have a test knitter still working the girl’s version, too, but it’s not a small project, and she works full time…

So anyway, De-De, would you please just spill??? 😉

My two newest patterns are Sweetheart Lovey and Diamond Lovey! What’s a Lovey, you ask? Well, it’s a snuggly wrap designed especially for children, perfect for quiet time activities like reading and watching TV. Having seen my blanket cocooned daughters trip over the corners and wreck other small disasters when they were sure they could move around the house without crawling out of the warmth, I decided there had to be a safer way to stay warm. Enter the Loveys. 😀 Funny thing is, though they were designed for children, I found that the one I made fits me, too, so now I want to make myself one! I used a machine washable cotton/acrylic blend for the Sweetheart Lovey I knit, but I’ll probably use wool for the one I make myself.

The design is created entirely by knits and purls, gansey style.

The girls’ Sweetheart Lovey has more than 75 hearts hidden within the design, and the boys’ version is packed with diamonds, hinting that you’ll “love him forever” without embarrassing him with girly stuff. 😉 Both versions include a personalization band that has room for up to 41 letters, numbers, and spaces – loads of room to write a Bible verse or message to the recipient.

This is the Diamond Lovey, knit by Sara Greer, photo used by permission.

Both patterns are available as downloads through my Ravelry store via this link. There will be a print copy available in my Etsy store sometime in the next month or so, if that’s your preference. If you are looking for a very special gift for a youngster in your life, this would definitely be a gift that will last a lifetime!

And although Sara and I proved it can be knit in two weeks, I’d suggest allowing just a bit more time, myself… 😉


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  1. Oh, how fun!!!!!!

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