Mystery Solved!

First – quickly – I am home, but I’m so far from having my brain in place that I scarcely feel like it. Between the tumult of things left undone for a month, work that backed up on me, and new stuff that plopped into my lap rather unceremoniously the moment I walked through the door, I didn’t even need my souvenir virus in order for my head to be spinning! I have another post I want to write as soon as the fog lifts, but for now, I wanted to share a bit of a mystery I came upon last fall and the very funny resolution.

When I went to the Woolgathering in Yellow Springs last September, among other things, I was on a fleece hunt. One fleece that I purchased was from a Lincoln lamb, but the label on the bag had me baffled. It said that it was a “Lincoln Piglet.” I asked my more experienced acquaintances and a fleece raising friend if they had any idea what a piglet fleece was, but they were as clueless as I was. Internet searches and scouring books both left me no more educated than I’d begun. I finally gave up and squeezed the puzzlement onto a crowded back burner in my mind.

This evening, totally unexpectedly, I had a eureka moment when a friend sent me a link about some pigs in Great Britain that look like sheep – woolly-coated porkers that look like total mistakes. (Article here.) Since the animals can be shorn, I found myself laughingly wondering if that would make the first fleece a piglet hogget. Instantly, bells went off in my head as I realized that after 7 months, I’d inadvertently found the answer to the question that had confounded so many of us for so long. The person who had labeled the fleece I’d purchased had remembered that a lamb’s first fleece had a name that sounded porcine, but lost touch with the proper term somewhere along the way. My Lincoln “piglet” fleece is a actually Lincoln hogget! As pleased as I am to finally have figured this out, the real pleasure has been in the tremendous amount of amusement I’ve had tonight, laughing at the humorous  misnomer that bewildered me for so long. I do hope he or she finds the proper word before putting too many more fleeces on the market, but I’m glad enough for the original confusion that’s had me giggling all evening!

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  1. HA! And I was thinking of how much fun you’d have actually spinning up a “piglet” fleece!!

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