Not As Planned

To be quite blunt, this has been a really difficult week for me in many ways – but I’ve made it to the end, and I think I may have even survived. I even came out of it with something to blog, even if that was a bit of an accident. 😉 I’m not going to bore you with the details of my lousy week. Instead, I’ll share the good part of it, hoping that will multiply the upward positive trend that has been beginning to grow over the past 24 hours. It’s starting to look like I have some of the difficult things in order, and I believe I may have finally cured the nagging computer problem, too. But best of all, who doesn’t smile when the have a finished project? Even if I wasn’t intending to have one, I’m not passing up enjoying the thrill of victory!

A few weeks ago, I found myself out of the house with three knitting projects, but only one of them had everything I needed to work on it – very bad planning on my part! It was my February Lady Sweater, which was not something I was targeting, but I certainly wasn’t going to just sit and do something when I had wool and needles available. I finished the first sleeve to the point it needed to be tried on for length, but when I did that, I was chagrined to discover that although Rita’s FLS looks adorable on  her, mine dragged me down, makin me look and feel like a 3-day -old apple dumpling. Talk about frustrated! I’d been trying to get that sleeve done since January, and now it looked terrible! In the midst of my pout, I noticed that the sleeveless side DID look cute. Hmmm…

I folded it away, but then looked again the next day. Yes, I really liked the “vest” side, but the sweater side was not good at all. Trying not to think about how many stolen moments it had taken for me to finally get that sleeve knit – nor of the $17 I spent just to buy a short circular needle to knit it – I frogged the entire sleeve. This past Thursday, my class at the library was functioning independently, and once again, I found myself with three projects and only one with all the necessities – my FLS again. I picked up the stitches and bound off the yoke edge around the sleeveholes. Today I sewed in the ends, plus I added a strand of yarn woven through the stitches inside the rolled neckline, which isn’t strong enough to support the weight of the sweater alone. I’m pleased as can be with the finished project! I’d happily make this pattern again, but I’ll most likely plan for it to be a vest from the start. 🙂

Project specs: This was knit on size 8 needles using Cascade 220 Heathers. I’ve managed to misplace the rest of the yarn – probably in the turmoil of packing for the retreat a couple weeks ago – but I originally bought 7 skeins, and I know I have one full ball laying here that I frogged from the sleeve, and one more that was held back for the other sleeve, so no more than 5 skeins for a nice long vest. The buttons I chose were reproductions of antique Czechoslovakian buttons, using the original molds. I bought them on ebay, back in the old days before I stopped shopping there. I’ve seen similar buttons on Etsy.

Of course, the ultimate irony is that I’ve picked at this as a background project for exactly 7 months, so when did I finish it? The first day I’ve been at home when it was in the 80’s… I do know it’s warm, though! 😉

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