I Should Have Held Another Contest!

Okay, this post is only a week late, but if you were living here, you would understand why! Under the circumstances, I’m counting this as last week’s post. I deserve a break!

So, about 6 weeks ago, I commented to DH that the kitchen faucet was leaking at the base. In the past, he’s gotten underneath the sink and spent a moment or two tightening up “something,” and it was good to go. For some reason or other, this time he followed a totally different path. This time, he decided he needed to put a washer in at the base of the faucet where it swivels. I knew from the moment he did this that he was courting disaster, and that’s why I should have had another contest – one to guess how long it was going to be before I had an entirely new faucet. 😉 This washer he installed made it nearly impossible to swivel the spigot, and within days, it started leaking again, which led him to make it even tighter. In these days of plastic components, that is simply not a good idea. I said as much, but… well… he stayed his course. As the days went by, things got worse and worse until 8 days ago. That’s the day I walked out into the kitchen, noticed a huge puddle on the floor by the sink, turned faucet, and was met by my own private fountain! (In the photo, you can see the water spurting up behind the spigot.)

At this point, I knew I had a trip to Home Depot usurping my previous plans for the afternoon. I was sure it was beyond repair. Turns out I was right. He’d been tightening down something that wasn’t meant to be tightened, and in the process, an internal collar split the entire length.

I was really unhappy with the faucets available at Home Depot – nothing I thought looked good with my kitchen. They’ve suddenly stopped stocking anything except the really modern looking ones. Although they offered to special order one for me, the fact that our faucet was leaking steadily onto the floor even when the water was turned off made that an unacceptable option. I really miss my porcelain handles and simple design, and since I bought a rather good quality replacement, I guess I’m going to be missing them for a long time. Wonder how long it will be before I get used to this new one!

And I’ve had some questions about the ceiling collapse problem, and realized I’ve been very remiss in following up that story. (I’ve been remiss in a LOT of things recently!) I have to say that it has a rather surprising end – or near end. When I came home from Honduras, I was completely shocked to find that DH had pulled down the mess and repaired the ceiling!

He didn’t repaint it, and he managed to forget that one shouldn’t sand against wallpaper, but I do have to say it’s a vast improvement over the sagging mess, not to mention it was a startlingly fast repair job for him. He commented that since the first time he fixed that ceiling took him about 15 years, he thought this time it would be nice to do it closer to 15 weeks. Paint or not, I was impressed! 🙂


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