It’s June 28!

And that means it’s my birthday… again… already… It sure happened fast this year!

Back when I was a child, I despised my end of June birthday. While all the other children had a special day when they were everyone’s favorite person, because they brought a big box of homemade cookies or cupcakes to school, I felt left out and forgotten. Occasionally a well-meaning teacher would have an end-of-year, group party for us poor summer-born children, but it simply wasn’t the same. Even at home, with my birthday being just 12 days after my younger sister’s and less than a week before the Independence Day holiday, I was more likely to spend the day picking strawberries than celebrating my own special day. Instead, I had a joint party with my sister, or an afterthought birthday cake on the Fourth of July. Trust me… this is a VERY good recipe for feeling anything but special and wanted!

Now that I’ve passed the half century mark (GULP!), I actually enjoy having my birthday almost precisely halfway through the year. It gives me two new years to celebrate with six months in between, and I like that. It’s good motivation, and semi-annual retrospection can be a great way to help keep me a bit more on track with my life. I get two evenly spaced fresh starts each year – pretty good deal!

Today I’m looking back across my 53rd year of life with the expected mixed emotions. I’ve been SO busy, and there is so much I haven’t done that I’d hoped to do this past year… and some things I have done that I’ve not wanted to do. On the other hand, I certainly can’t look at is as a failure, either! This year has brought age related changes to my hairstyle, and I’m now daily using some of those mysterious creams on my face – you know… the ones that always made me roll my eyes when I saw the ads as a teen? On the up side, though, I’ve taken 4 items off my life list… or… I guess “Bucket List” is the current cool term for it, I’ve had a life fantasy trip to Alaska become a reality, learned to spin on a wheel, make socks on my CSM, have taught for pay, have published knitting patterns that are selling… So, despite the insane busyness of this year, it has not been a bad one at that!

Added bonus is that age has added some special friends to my life, and good friends don’t lump birthdays together with your sister’s or other holidays. They also tend to know you well and share at least a few special interests, making for some pretty cool gifts! The only two gifts I’ve received so far this year have been from friends, and they’ve been very thoughtful offerings. I love them both! The fiber is a healthy serving each of Musket Shetland, Salish, and Churro – wonderful stuff that should give me lots of great playtime! The Salish is rare enough that I’d never even heard of it before!

And this little treasure is from another friend. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s an antique clasp, and I’ve never seen anything like it in an antique, either, so I’m thrilled with it, as well! It’s quite delicate and the details are exquisite! I think they will show up beautifully if you click on the picture to enlarge it.

I know there is more coming, but I’m rather enjoying this leisurely, spread out birthday. If I have to keep aging, I may as well celebrate each year as long as possible! Next stop? Dinner out at Frisch’s – just because that’s what sounds good tonight!


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  1. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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