A Prescription I Can Live With!

Today was my third appointment at the sports medicine center, follow up care for the hematoma I got in Chicago last month. After the doctor looked it over carefully, poking and prodding a bit, he shook his head and told me that I really did it up right – very impressive injury, then asked again how I did it. Looking at my chart, he answered the question himself before I had a chance, mumbling about concrete. As silly as I feel for having banged myself up so badly, I’m still glad to know I’m not imagining things. Of course, he also told me today that in the first 24 hours, he could have drained it. That answers my question about how athletes keep from being laid up for weeks on end with things like this…

Anyway, he told me I still shouldn’t stand or sit long, as long as it causes swelling, and under no circumstances am I allowed to bump or impact the area (like I did it on purpose in the first place?). And he told me that a year from now, I’ll probably still have a small “nubbin” in the area, indicating something about the size of a nickel with his fingers, which tells me that this is going to continue to disintegrate very slowly. Then he said I should start walking. That’s going to be some slow going because I’ve lost a lot of muscle strength, especially in my left leg, but at least I can actually do it without pain. 🙂 The BEST thing he told me is that although I’m not to just sit in a chair, spinning is the perfect exercise! Now how cool is that when my doctor actually prescribes quality time with my wheel? Other than that, I’ve been officially released on my own recognizance, barring something wacky happening, so there won’t be anymore trips to the doctor. Whereas I’m not going to miss the trips into the city, my hubby has been going along and buying me a UDF sundae each time. That I AM going to miss!

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