I’ve Been Wondering…

It happened again tonight, and I have to say that it’s starting to bother me a bit. I think I’m a reasonably good amateur photographer.  It’s something I enjoy doing, and I work hard to get good photos – at least when I’m not just grabbing quick snapshots that don’t matter that much. I do consider photography an art, and it’s something to be learned, honed, and practiced – and continually improved.

So why is it that when people look at my very best pictures, they inevitably say (with envy dripping off their words), “You must have a really good camera!”

I’m SO tempted at times to say, “Yeh, I do. It’s a magical camera. I point it in the general direction of something vaguely interesting, and it automatically composes and frames the shot, removes background clutter, levels the horizon, assesses the lighting, adjusts the settings, then at the optimal moment, snaps a breathtaking shot for me to show around.”

I can just see them telling Rembrandt that he must have a really good paintbrush… or their mechanic that he must have a really good wrench… or their surgeon that he must have a really good scalpel… or their favorite author that she must have a really good computer…

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  1. .the reason why is…most people don’t know what it needs to be able to present a good picture..its for sure not the camera alone..as it needs a bit more than yarn and needles to show a nice pullover or scarf..
    greetings from Switzerland..Christa

  2. You would not believe the number of people that think a mechanic is good because they have the garage, tools, books etc. This also holds true for the other professions you mentioned. I even heard a person call a chef a cook and admired his equipment and appliances. Never know what you will run into.

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