Finished and Flawed, but Fantastic!

I got my singles plied last night. It took what seemed like forever, too! Turns out I got 515 yards of yarn out of the 4 ounces I spun. That would explain why I spent so many hours at the project… I certainly won’t be entering it in any competitions or anything, as it’s very far from perfect. There are some major areas of “brilliance” though, which excite me a lot, and flawed or not, I love my new skein of yarn. Now I’m feeling seriously obsessed with knitting it for some reason… ūüėČ

Sorry – no pix of the really bad spots. I’m trying to focus on what I did fairly well and ignoring the odd little loopy spots. I do wish I knew what I’d done wrong to produce them, though. It’s a doubly tough mystery,¬† since they didn’t show until I washed the skein. Is there a book out there somewhere with close ups of spinning errors and solutions?

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  1. This turned out very nicely! Isn’t it amazing to make your own yarn?! Inconsistencies happen-usually when you get out of rhythm while plying and some stretches don’t get the same amount of twist as other areas. It will work out just fine when you use the yarn. Pat yourself on the back-this is a great skein of yarn!

  2. GORGEOUS!!! I’d enter it in a contest!!! Seriously, really pretty yarn. can’t wait for my scarf now…515 Yards is enough for a nice lace scarf…

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