Catenary Cave-in

This isn’t going to shock anyone who knows me the least little bit. Despite having SO many things I’m supposed to be doing, my newly spun yarn sort of jumped on my needles a couple days ago – right after it forced me to take a peek on Ravelry to see what sort of pattern might be “just right.” Actually, the first time I looked, I found some really nice patterns, but not “the” pattern. When I bowed to pressure the second evening, the first pattern that popped up was Catenary by Kiersten Brandt, and it was perfect – precisely what I wanted! I was looking for something with a plain field, but not boring, and I wanted it to be adjustable so that I could use as much of my yarn as possible. I think Kiersten designed Catenary just for me! :o)

Shadystroll on Ravelry made some modest changes in the cast on and straight edge, and I decided I like the look that created, so I borrowed those modifications. Also, after knitting a repeat or two, I decided the row of finer eyelets just didn’t fly as well in the handspun yarn, so I frogged it and reworked it with the eyelet section being k2tog, yo, k2, yo, k2tog with a purl back on the even number rows. It looks much better for my yarn, and as frustrated as I was at the time I did it, I’m glad I made the change.

This is proving to be a fun, fast little knit. I’m really enjoying my yarn, which is knitting up nicely for me, thick and thin notwithstanding. Cindy in FL, thank you for your encouragement, information, and advice to go on and trust the yarn. You were right; it works! 🙂 And I also know what to try to watch more closely the next time…

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