Some Catching Up

First, I want to say thank you for the beautiful comments that have been posted about Percy. They’ve brought tears to my eyes! I would be so honored if my project did inspire others, and I hope to eventually receive some follow ups with links to other finished Percy Shawls. 🙂


The beautiful blocking weather continued, though the sky wasn’t so pretty today, so I decided to take the risk and block another shawl. I knew it would take more time than Percy’s blocking, and in the end, I paid a bit for standing that long, but it was worth the risk. I’m sure there won’t be that many more utterly perfect days this year, and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Today’s project was my “Glacier Glance,” which I finished knitting way back on August 1, so see how patient I’ve been?

The pattern is Mystic Glance by Birgit Freyer (paid download available on Ravelry), and I knit it with Windy Valley Muskox Golden Crown Suri Alpaca 2/28, a thistledown-like cobweb weight yarn with a slight halo. I chose the Glacier colorway, as that seemed the only logical choice for a shawl I was knitting on an Alaska cruise. 🙂 Finished, this doesn’t weigh more than a feather or two, and it’s a marvel! I’ve managed to mislay the leftover ball of yarn for the moment, but I had only 56 grams to start with, and most of the second ball remains.I’ll update this info when I relocate it.

The wingspan is 72″ and center back 28″ as blocked.

Only real problem I had with this is that the only size 2 needles I had were Knit Picks Options, which are quite slick. So is this yarn! I didn’t have time to get some Harmony needles before we left for Alaska, so I found myself on a gently rolling ship (sometimes… and sometimes not so gently!) with super slick needles and yarn, and this project didn’t get very far until I was stuck on the sofa here at home doing hematoma knitting. Even then, it was a bit of a challenge, and my next Knit Picks order is going to include some smaller sized Harmony needles, which would have been much better suited to this project!

Other than slick on slick, this was a super knit. Birgit’s pattern, as always, was excellent and easy to follow, and the yarn is delicious and blocked beautifully. Now I’m thinking I really do need another cruise so I can show this off on a formal night…


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