Buried Treasure

Surprise! No, this isn’t what I thought my next blog post would be either! 😉 I’ve been so busy the past few days that I’ve not done any “real” carding yet, just practicing with my “junk” wool, if there is such a thing. I’ve learned some things I needed to know, and am looking forward to some clear time to do something for keeps soon!

Meanwhile, as I said, I’ve been really busy. As my mobility is increasing, I’m gradually getting into some of the projects and cleaning that has been rather neglected lately. Now at this point, I’m going to start a story that has two ends coming together in the middle, so bear with me here!

A few years ago, I was working on restoring an antique doll. In addition to the work she needed, she made a very intriguing rattle when she moved, and with some effort, I was finally able to extricate a small brown object from her insides. I was disappointed to see that it was a small metal button, totally corroded, and identifiable only by the two holes in the shallow shank on the back. Now a logical person would have tossed it in the trash can, but it was the first treasure I’d ever found in a doll, and I’m not always logical. 😉 That button has laid on my bathroom counter for several years now.

Skipping to the other end of this tale, I decided if I was going to clean up several months worth of ick in the bathroom, I may as well do it as a fall cleaning sort of project. Despite our water softener, the water in this town is so hard that we still have lime deposits to deal with, so I got out the vinegar to soak them off. What I didn’t notice was that I splashed a puddle of it on that silly button. If I’d seen it, I’d have quickly rinsed it off… and if I’d done that, I wouldn’t be writing this post!

Going back to check on the progress of the soaking an hour or so later, I saw the button, laying in a now brown puddle. “Great,” I’m thinking. “I just ruined it even worse.” But when I picked it up and turned it over, I was startled to find the vinegar had only ruined the corrosion, and I was left with a sparkly button! I sure wish I knew what metal this was and why the vinegar didn’t hurt the button – and for that matter, how it is that the button was so bright under the rust.

I can’t seem to get a photo that shows the glimmer, but this one came close. Needless to say, I’m very pleased with the result of this happy accident, and one of these days, this tiny treasure will have to grace an  outfit on one of my dolls. It’s a diminutive 3/8″ and sits very flat, despite the shallow shank on the back, so it’s perfect for dolly clothes, and I have to wonder if it may have come off an outfit the doll I was working on once owned. I really wish I knew the vintage. Isn’t it fun how something so tiny can just make the day sparkle? 🙂

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