Spinning Autumn

After a week of hard work and no spinning at all, my leg was starting to complain a lot for missing its physical therapy. I’m happy to say, it’s much more content now after two evenings enjoying the company of Tiempo, my Sonata spinning wheel. 🙂 I have to confess that I’m more than a little bit happy, too. I love what I made! The success of this spinning venture is that I finally produced a thicker yarn, AND it’s soft and smooshy and wonderful!

I blogged earlier here when I’d started this project using the Oaks and Hickories from Three Waters Farm. I got back on Etsy to find something black in BFL fiber, and the closest I could get was this Brindled Black from Skeinwinder.

In the listing, I couldn’t really see the large, lighter colored area, and I was worried when I received the package. It’s different than I’d expected, but it worked out just fine in the end, I think. I bought 8 ounces of the black, plying half of it with the Oaks and Hickories, and the other half back on itself, giving me two perfectly coordinated yarns. The colors are truest in the last photo – the one with the buttons.

I’m hoping I have enough to make a vest for myself, and to that end, I did some button shopping on Etsy, too. Are these not the cutest things? Since the original autumn colored roving was called Oaks & Hickories, I simply couldn’t resist the idea of squirrels and chipmunks for buttons. These adorable offerings are made by Robin of Buttons by Robin on Etsy.

The Oaks and Hickories BFL roving from Three Waters Farm was a delight to spin, and the colors were so intensely beautiful that they about took my breath away. The shortcoming was that when finishing the yarn, there was a lot of dye loss in the bath, and I finally had to get out the vinegar, because I was tired of rinsing. Colors still look fine, though. 🙂 The Brindled Black from Skeinwinder had a much lighter dye loss, but both roving proved challenging to spin. There were matted areas in them, which made stripping the roving apart very difficult and drafting virtually impossible in several small areas until I picked the fiber all apart in those places.  That headache will be forgotten in a few more days of owning the beautiful yarn I made, I’m sure!

Details: Both yarns are varied about worsted to aran weight. I don’t have a good way to weigh these yet, but the rovings were sold as being 4 ounces each. Two plied together to approximately 8 ounces for the autumn tones gave me 371 yards, and the 4 ounces of black plied back on itself netted 200 yards. They look pretty even, so I’m guessing there is some weight discrepancy from the original rovings. I also have a few yards of singles left from the Oaks & Hickories, though not enough to really count for much.


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