For Everything a Purpose

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember a couple of years ago, I knitted my first Fair Isle project – a felted (actually fulled…) basket, which decided to become tall and slender instead of short and fat as I’d planned. It still looked really neat, but instead of a low, bowl type finished project, I had one that blocked perfectly over my bathroom trash can, and it simply could not perform the same function. It wasn’t quite stiff enough to hold its shape long term on its own, so I sacrificed said trashcan to be a liner for my basket and bought a new one for the bathroom. Thankfully, the trash can was actually one of the colors in the basket, and it sort of looks like it was all intended. However, I’ve been shoving it around in my sewing room every since, having absolutely no idea how to use the thing, despite really loving it.

Meanwhile, my Navajo spindle spinning project has been awkwardly stashed in a plastic grocery store bag – not the best way to keep a long pointy stick, a lot of wool, and a ceramic spinning bowl safe and contained. The current rash of cleaning had everything surrounding this bag nice and tidy, and of course, the bag looked like trash right in the middle of it.

Since I’ve put these two thoughts together, you surely know what’s coming. It only took me HOW long to have that eureka moment???

What do you think?

From this day forward, I think I’m just going to pretend like I made that basket on purpose just for my Navajo spinning project. 😀

BTW, the beautiful mums were a gift from my lovely daughter when she came to visit a couple weeks ago. 🙂

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