Majoring a Minor

I did something tonight that would have felt like a small step had I done it 15 months ago, but today, it feels like I did something really major. And I’ve been looking at things the way they were for so long, it looks funny suddenly being done – no matter how small the step actually was.

So the “what” is a step forward on the nook project, with the specific task being to install the handles on the cabinet that will be under the TV. This has been sitting with only one handle in place, and one drawer on the floor beside it since August a year ago. The drawer was out because with no handles, it’s a challenge to open the drawers. I was originally going to put on the handles as I finished painting drawers, which is why only one was installed. Last week, I decided that since the other drawers are done and can’t be put in place until they are painted, those should be first, and meanwhile, I wanted to be able to utilize the storage space in the lower cabinet, so handles it was! However, it really wasn’t as easy as grabbing a pencil, ruler, drill, and screwdriver. You see, this cabinet is a horizontal surface, and I don’t know about you, but in MY house, a horizontal surface doesn’t remain empty for 15 months… 😦 The floor in front of the cupboard is also a level surface… in a recessed area… which wasn’t being used… Suffice it to say, I’ve spent a lot of hours properly excavating the area, since I didn’t want to just move the problem around, and by tonight, I’d reached the goal…

And tonight, I finally added handles! Drawers are partially filled, but this will be a work in progress. The things that belong in them are scattered widely around the house, having had no good home for the past 27 years. It’s in very close proximity to the computer, and for the most part, it will be housing office supplies  – mostly the spare stuff that I buy in bulk or just keep extra stocked. The bottom drawers are built with heavy duty glides and I sized them to hold more than a case of printer paper each, so you can see how much storage space I’ve gained in this. 🙂 Next time you see this, I’ll either be showing off the next tier, or you will see paint on more than one drawer, but for now, I’m just one happy person having done this much. 🙂 15 months is a dreadfully long time to live with stalled remodeling projects!

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