In a Word: Perfect!

Yesterday, I blocked the other half of my Wave of Color Moebius. I must confess it was dramatically easier than the first half, since I now knew what I was doing. Actually, it was only about a quarter of it unblocked, but I pinned out 3/4 of it, with the unblocked portion in the center of that arc. Using the same specifications I used for the first part of the blocking – mats 3′ square, pinning to about an inch from the edge, a point at the compass points with 4 points between each of those, using my flexible wires. Amazingly, this time it only took me a few minutes. 🙂 Once it was pinned, I used a rag dipped in water laced with some no rinse wool wash to thoroughly wet the majority of the blocked area. The wool wash acts as a wetting agent so the yarn truly became saturated – a “must” for blocking. I really figured this was a rough draft blocking, and that I’d have to redo the job to different dimensions once I tried it on, but when I took it off today and slipped it over my head, I discovered it was absolutely perfect! It fits me beautifully and comfortably, and it’s flattering, too! I honestly think it looks better on me than my mannequin. 🙂 I’m thinking I will get a lot of use out of this item, and there may be another in my future. I’m also thinking it would look really great with a pretty brooch or shawl pin at the twist…

One other thought… For quite some time now, I’ve been more than a bit envious of the gals who have those cute, petite bodies to show off their finished knitting projects. Now I have one! It’s amazing what a person can find on Freecycle! ;o)


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