Better Late

So the fact that I’m not even doing this until the 5th of January speaks volumes, I suppose. For that matter, I don’t think it’s going to be such a long post, either. 😉 What does one say about a goals list which, though utterly enchanting to me when I wrote it, was quickly lost in the shuffle of a year spun out of control? It’s not that I didn’t do ANYthing from my list, but most of what I did happened either in the first two months of the year or by total accident later. I do rejoice that I completed my 3 UFO’s and my socks, finally stitched the miniature sampler, learned to spin and use my CSM, published 4 knitting patterns, reached my reading goal and then some – and enjoyed my “visit someplace new” in a trip to Alaska that far exceeded all expectations. I also didn’t quite get a weekly post onto my blog, but had more than 52 total for the year, so that’s iffy territory. However, the rest of the list pretty much languished along with all the rest of my normal life in what was undoubtedly the craziest year I’ve ever survived. And that’s the keyword, too… “survived.” 🙂 And I really did survive it – 6 trips, a fall resulting in 2 months of bed rest, mostly sans computer, laptop out of commission, furnace fright now resolved with the new one having been installed last week, working with a heel-dragging window contractor, 3 immediate family members with life-threatening emergencies in the space of 2 weeks, the ongoing process of clearing out my father-in-law’s home after moving him to a retirement village… I’m way over 500 points on the Holmes & Rahe stress test for the last year, and that’s just nuts! I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to starting a new calendar as I did 2011! So no, everything didn’t just automatically go away just because it’s a new year, but there is definitely something that feels different about January 1 and starting anew. I’m still crazy busy, but the weight of 2010 seems to have lifted a bit, leaving me with occasional moments of feeling lighter. I rather like that!

I did make time during our traditional New Year’s Eve movie fest to write a new goals list for 2011. There’s a lot of it that looks terribly familiar. Even many of the goals I marked off last year have come back, as they tend to be annual goals. I organized things differently this year, choosing 4 main categories and 10 goals in each of them. You can see my 2011 goals by following the link in the sidebar here on my blog. Do I think I will accomplish them all. NO WAY! I was laughing about it with my daughter, and she commented that even if I got half of them off the list this year, I could well feel proud of my accomplishment, and she’s right in that. For the past 5 years of annual goal setting, my goals have simply been my steering committee – something to remind me of what feels important to me from a neutral perspective. My list helps me focus (when I have time) and has aided me in getting many things done that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Once in a while, they even keep me from chasing a particularly naughty rabbit that crosses my path. 😉

I encourage you to set some goals for yourself. Drop the resolution bit. That’s a recipe for failure! The first time you mess up, you’re done for the year! With goals, you can keep pressing forward and count every step of the way as being part of the success. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t make it all the way, especially if in the trying, you’ve done more than you would have if you never set some goals in the first place. Anything more than nothing is better than not trying at all! Post a comment to share your own goals!

And Happy 2011!!!


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