The Year of the Cable?

I suddenly realized that I have FOUR fairly big knitting projects planned for this year that have cables as the main feature. What is happening? My first love is lace… I think! I may be so sick of cables by the end of the year that I don’t knit another one for a decade! 😉

Or… perhaps there will be a new addiction? Sigh…

Anyway, on my Goals 2011 list, I have “Knit Burridge Lake Afghan,” and when I started doing some math the other day, I realized it was an excellent idea to cast on for it right away. I want to pace it throughout the year – maybe… if I don’t totally obsess over it, which is a definite danger. It divides neatly into 4 sections – the three main panels each being one, and the two end panels and sewing up being the fourth. Currently, my “plan” is to finish one section each quarter of the year, with this being primarily a Sunday knitting project for me. With that in mind, this past weekend I cast on for Panel A, and Monday (yes, already cheating!) I finished the second of this week’s two repeats. I’m madly in love! I love the pattern; I love the yarn; I love the way it looks!

What was it I was saying about an addiction? 😉

The yarn is the Green Line Worsted (organic merino) from Lorna’s Laces that I bought last fall from Jimmy Beans. It’s incredibly soft, and people are giving me a disbelieving look when I tell them it’s 100% wool.  The photo is just the center cable with a hint of the Trinity Stitch panels. There is a Basketweave on each side of this as well, and when the piece gets big enough that I can fill the frame with the entire width of the panel, I’ll post it for the full effect.

The pattern is by Anna Dalvi, and it’s available for free HERE or on Ravelry. Anyone else up for a 2011 Burridge Challenge? This is going to be so much fun – and I’d love to have some company and see your project updates if you do!


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