No Requiem for the Beast!

I said yesterday that it’s been an eventful week, and yes, getting two great new looms would qualify a week as eventful, but that’s not the whole of it. Working toward another of my 2011 goals, though I’d have done this goal or not, I have another wonderful, new treasure in my life – the first thing I bought with my Christmas money. Are you sitting down?

If I’d bought only one item this year with Christmas dollars, it would have been…

Yes – a new toilet!!! And after battling to get a plumber here to install it, firing the first and hiring a second, it was finally installed yesterday. I’m SOOOOOO happy! This toilet actually does what a toilet is supposed to do – flushes and takes what is in it away when it does! ūüėÄ I bought a Toto Dartmouth, which flushes with less than 1.5 gallons of water, has a higher rim height, which means it’s easier on my long legs and bad knees, and is styled in the way I want for my future fantasy bathroom remodel. (Think I could use a new floor for starters?) I also opted for the Sanigloss finish and the Toto soft close seat. The seat is actually the only thing I don’t particularly like. The soft close feature is nice, but the seat itself is sort of funnel shaped, sloping down into the bowl from the high outer edge, and I don’t find that to be especially comfortable. I’m also used to being able to sit on the closed lid, and this isn’t as solid as the wood I’m used to having. Toto has a wooden soft close seat, but it cost half again as much as I paid for the toilet, which I found for the best price online at BTW, my purchase arrived very promptly and extremely well packed, and the service rep I spoke with was friendly and well informed. I’m definitely planning to deal with them again.

Do I feel any remorse in seeing this go?

Not a single tear shed! This Eljer has been hateful from the moment it was installed. It could barely swallow paper on a good day, and non-liquid flushes have required 3.2 gallons of water from the tank, and auxiliary bucket, perfect timing, and a bit of luck. To say I’m currently fascinated to have a toilet that works perfectly every time and with virtually no water is an understatement. Quality of life just went up dramatically here! Am I weird for loving my new toilet???

And in case you are keeping score, yes, I got a Dorothy loom and a Toto toilet this week. Gotta wonder what’s next… and I’m hoping there isn’t a wicked witch involved!


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  1. OH my goodness…. I’m envious enough of all the loomy goodness but a new loo too!?!?! That makes me think you are living ALL my dreams! LOL!!! I have been armed with an auxiliary bucket ever since I got this dang toilet of mine… over 10 years ago… it’s a horrid, cantankerous beast. I’m happy to know there are some out there that really can do the job and there *is* a difference!!!!

  2. You will always LOVE the Toto!! It’s worth paying for to get a good toilet. And now you can sit and plan what you are going to weave on those looms!!!

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