To Market, To Market…

To buy me some wool.

Home again, home again;

This tote is cool!

Only took me two months to get photos of this great little bag posted, and I was afraid I was going to totally wear the thing out before I got them taken! Right after Christmas, my brain still wasn’t functioning very dependably, but I was yearning to start a new project – for ME! One of my older daughter’s Christmas gifts was sufficient yarn to make two market totes, and I’d picked up yarn for myself to make a Green Grocer bag at the same time. I hadn’t crocheted anything for several years, and it just sounded like fun – not to mention that this pattern is pretty much brainless. It turned out to be a perfect fit. 🙂

To be honest, I wasn’t happy with it when I was working on it. The bottom of my bag was too small, but there was no way I’d have wanted to work it at a looser gauge, so I resigned myself to having a bag that was too small to carry much of anything. In an attempt to make up some of that problem, I did work substantially more rows in pattern than was suggested, guessing how much I’d need for the top band and handles.

I was off. It wasn’t by much, but I ran out of yarn about two inches before the final tie off, and I was fit to be tied. 😦 After some rather frustrated pacing, I started thinking about a dishcloth I’d made with Cotlin a while back. Wasn’t it light green? The leftover twist of Cotlin was just slightly different in color and lighter weight, but it was close enough. I raveled the handle back, since it was worked double strand, and reknit it using one strand of the Red Heart Eco-Cotton Blend and one strand of the Knit Picks Cotlin together, then finishing the top edge with the Eco-Cotton, which now reached just fine. I have to really study the handles to see which has the Cotlin strand, so I’d say that worked. 🙂

One other change of sorts… This pattern is in crochet, so the designer used crocheted i-cord to make the handles. Trying it was an interesting experiment. It’s an experiment that I’d had enough of after about two inches, and I’ll NEVER try it again! Crocheted i-cord is one of the best examples of making a very simple task extremely difficult, and since I’ve been able to sit a 7-year-old who had never seen knitting needles in her life on my lap and have her making i-cord in about 5 minutes, I’m guessing pretty much anyone could knit it. 😉 I knit an entire handle in less time than it took me to make two lumpy inches with a crochet hook.

So anyway, I said I was disappointed by the finished size of my bag. That would have been before I actually used it. First time out, I dropped in a knitting project and a bottle of pop, and it looked about right. Next time I added something else. It looked about right. By the time I stuffed 4 projects, a bottle of pop, and some paperwork in it to go to knitting guild, and then came home with 5 additional skeins of yarn in it, I rechristened it. It’s now my Bottomless Pit Bag. The photos here show it with 13 fat skeins of worsted weight wool tucked loosely inside. They would have all fit down into it, but that wouldn’t have been so picture pretty. I’m convinced that there’s some sort of magic going on inside this thing, and I love it!


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