Fiber Adventure Week – Day 6

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Oh, did Day 6 of Fiber Adventure Week ever whiz by! It definitely didn’t play out as I’d planned, and now I’m feeling a little frustrated as I look at Day 7 and try to prioritize what’s left on my list. I was on the phone a very long time yesterday, so although my hands stayed very busy, it wasn’t  necessarily the way I’d expected them to be employed.

I got a lot of work done on my triloom weaving, which is a perfect occupation while talking. Now that I’ve doubled my tool inventory by adding a hair pick to my crochet hook, I’m finding it much faster and easier to even and beat my weaving. 😀 Along with pretty much everything else, this is NOT going to be a finished project by the end of the week, but I knew that from the start. It’s actually only well begun, but that’s enough. 🙂The dyeing was sadly lacking today. I couldn’t think through what I wanted to do with my next kit while I was chatting, so the only thing I did was finish up the last two pots from yesterday’s dyeing. The dusty rose was achieved by mixing the last quarter of the brown with the lighter pink, which I believe they are calling strawberry. It’s a nice color, and I’m happy with it. As for the other… I decided to try the purple solo again, this time knowing more of how this obstinate color worked. Well… it’s better than it was the first time, but it is still multi-colored. There doesn’t seem to be enough red/pink in the tablet to color the entire roving, so it’s gone quickly. There’s oodles of blue, though, and even the areas that get the pink tones are a lavender blue. Camera has even more issues with the pink tones, so this isn’t an accurate color rendering for the purple.Another good phone time project was deconstructing the other of the sweater twins. I now have a total of 22.5 ounces of 50/50 Shetland/merino wool to play with.I did some finger twisting to see what this would look like if I did some spinning. It’s 3 strands of fine 2-ply as it is, and I spun that into both a two and a 3-ply – the 3-ply technically being 18-ply, I guess! It’s a mighty enticing bit of yarn done that way, and I’m thinking I may cave in. 😉I’ve been collecting an assortment of small looms, but other than doing a couple of little squares on a Weave-it style loom, I’d not done anything with them yet. Tonight I decided to try out the 12″ square as a bit of a fact finding mission to see precisely what I can do with it and decide what I WANT to do with it. This lovely loom was made by BigFam15 on Etsy, who has satisfied my idea saturated brain by producing looms on special order in the exact sizes I wanted. I’m also impressed with the value and the great service. 🙂I was weaving each row for a while, then I realized I could simplify things for myself by creating one of the sheds permanently. I moved the yarn on every other nail down, and the remaining ones to the tops of the nails. Voilà! Now I only have to pick every other row! 😀 That really sped up the work!I wove this by pulling a loop through the shed to the nail on the opposite side, so it was effectively weaving double stranded, though easier to keep smooth. It also saved a lot of wear and tear on my weft and eliminated the need to add new pieces as I worked. Ultimately, I didn’t cut off the yarn until I was done, warp through finished project. The resulting square, woven with Cascade Eco + is smooshy and soft, and it has a nice drape. In short, it’s just perfect. 🙂 Since the yarn has a lot of bounce to it, the square came off the loom at 11″. It would be a lovely texture for an afghan just as it is.I did play around with the square for a while after I finished it last night, but I didn’t accomplish anything remotely satisfying, so it’s back to “just as finished.”It seems that I saved my favorite Judith MacKenzie DVD set for last. 🙂 Tonight I watched the 3 disk set Spinning Luxury Fibers, and my head is what is actually spinning! This set has enough material to keep me in learning mode for years, I think, and it contains a lot of bits and pieces of things covered in the other sets, too. If I was allowed to keep only one of the 4 of hers that I watched this week, this would be the one. It’s the one which will stretch me the farthest and serve me the longest, and it had the most information that I didn’t know. She covers numerous ways to play with silk, using the entire first disk for that topic  (hmmm… I could have an all silk FAW someday…), then goes on to camelids in the second and down fibers (qiviut, cashmere, bison, etc.) in the third. Now, whereas this is the “one” I’d keep, it’s definitely not the “one” for a newbie spinner to buy. This is the one to add to your collection once you can comfortably spin wool and are ready and eager to explore more territory.


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  1. De De, I felt the same way about Judith’s video. I actually paused it and ran and got a note book, then frantically scribbled notes as I watched it. You have to join the COWG (Central Ohio Weaver’s Guild). They are having her out this fall for a spinning class!!! It is soooo worth the drive, she is even more amazing in person!!! I’m going to bring her some possum and see what she does with it. Although she’s vegetarian and might not be crazy about how it’s ‘harvested’.

  2. Well I was inspired to Adventure with Fiber a little…in our own small way, Rebekah and I had a Friday Fiber Adventure and dyed sock yarn with easter egg dye…we had a blast! now to figure out the best pattern…and I think I’m getting a little jealous for spinning…trying to figure out where that drop spindle is…

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