Fiber Adventure Week – Blog Candy Time!

I just spent some time reading back over the lovely comments you all have been leaving for me over the past week, and I wanted to thank you for the compliments, kind words, and encouragement. As much fun as I had, I think it was enhanced by sharing with you all, and it was great knowing that there were so many people out there reading the posts each day. I love blog stats. 🙂 I’m really wondering how many of you noticed I managed to twice publish my post without putting the pix in and hand to go back to add them…

So, I’ve been rounding up treats! I thought about putting together just one big package, but decided it’s more fun for everyone if more than one person gets a something, so I have lots of smaller packages instead. 🙂 First, though, I want to tell you how to get into the drawing. It’s easy, but if you don’t follow the rules, you won’t be included!

  1. Look back through the Fiber Adventure Week/Weekend posts and scroll down this entry to see the prizes.
  2. Post a comment at the bottom of THIS entry answering these questions:
  • If you could have come to my house and joined me for ONE activity, which one would you have chosen and why?
  • Were you encouraged to do a special project this week? What was it? (This is an extra credit assignment. 😉 )
  • What candy do you want to have the most? Prioritize first, second, and third choice.

That’s all there is to it! Post and answer the questions, and your name will go into the drawing! Since this is a holiday weekend, I know many of you will be busy for the next few days, so I’m going to make the deadline for entering the drawing next Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at midnight EDT. That gives you 4 days to see the post and enter.

I’m going to show you all the candy options, BUT the actual number of recipients will be related to the number of entries I receive. For every group of up to 3 entries, another winner will be chosen – up to the point that I run out of gifts. So if there are 1-3 entries, one package goes out, and if 4-6, there will be 2. 13-15 would mean 5, and so on. Hopefully that makes sense.

So without further ado, does anyone want one of these?

  • About 18.5 grams of hand-dyed, soft yellow and green mawata (silk hankies). Should be enough to make a little pouch or similar sized item – or to just play and learn. Remember, although you can spin lovely, fine yarn with this, you can knit straight from the hankies as I showed in a post a few days ago. I’m eager to start on my part of the stack. These are really pretty in person.
  • A small stack of mawata (silk hankies) and a 6-color Paas Classic egg dyeing kit. Again, this should be enough silk for a small project.
  • My second rug mug, entirely handmade from braided wool roving in sand, brown, and teal blue. Sorry, my first one is not up for grabs, but I think I did a better job on the second one anyway. 😉
  • Six ounces of Corriedale roving and a 6-color Paas Classic Easter egg dye kit. Dyed and spun, you can do a lot with this much, but it is also enough to make at least 4 rug mugs.
  • A skein of unbranded, worsted weight wool yarn, ready to dye and a 6-color Paas Classic Easter egg dye kit. Best estimate is that this is about 220 yards, but that IS a guess! It might be fun to weave with this on a small loom after it’s dyed, but of course, it’s great for knitting or crochet or whatever else you love, too.
  • No photo for this one, but you can look on Ravelry (link in sidebar) to see them all – one download copy of your choice of my individual patterns or $10 off the Concerto Tutorial book download.
  • Lifetime supply of Easter stickers and egg wraps and such. This is just a small sampling of what there is. Nope, I don’t have grandchildren… 😉

Okay, I think that’s it! I need to get this published and go check on my dye pot! Thanks again to you all for joining me in this incredibly fun week!


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  1. While I haven’t posted much this week, I have enjoyed watching you have your Fiber Adventures!

    * If you could have come to my house and joined me for ONE activity, which one would you have chosen and why?

    oooh I would have LOVED to join you in the dyeing! I have always been fascinated by dyeing Easter eggs (heck I think I enjoy them more than my kids do! lol) And too see the gorgeous rovings you dyed and seeing the experiments, was too much fun!

    * Were you encouraged to do a special project this week? What was it? (This is an extra credit assignment. 😉 )
    Unfortunately crochet (the only yarn art I know) has been on a back burner for me, I have finally gotten back to my studio to really dig into the 3’x4′ 6 room Barbie doll house that my husband and I are making for the daughters of some friends. I hope to pick up my hook and some yarn after it’s finished!

    * What candy do you want to have the most? Prioritize first, second, and third choice.
    If I were to win, my first choice would be the ready to dye yarn and dye kit prize.
    Second would be the mug rug, the colors are gorgeous!
    and thirdly would be the mawata and dye kit, while I don’t spin seeing you do it with just your fingers might be something fun to try to learn!

    I truly have enjoyed seeing all the neat projects you’ve worked on over the last week and seeing your dyeing adventures I really can’t wait to finish this house so I can play with the muslin I bought a few months ago! (guess I better watch for egg dye kits on clearance next week! ;-D )

  2. My favorite? Hard to choose among the dyeing projects. I have done a little dyeing, either with food dye or at the home of a friend, and since I am a sucker for color I find it endlessly amusing. I even have a supply of egg dyeing kits left from previous Easters (I work at Target, so I am usually around when all the leftovers go on sale after the holiday).

    I did start a bit of an experimental project this week – playing with various yarns using Mason-Dixon’s Mitered Cross Blanket pattern. So far I have one and a half squares – the second square using the same yarns as the first, but reversed as to main color and background. I am not sure this is going to lead to an actual blanket for me yet, but we shall see…

    As for my favorite among the “candy” (and all so low calorie too!)? I don’t spin (yet) so I would have to put the undyed silk first, followed by the mug rug (some of my favorite colors!) followed by the undyed wool yarn. Since I have some egg dye of my own, feel free to share the actual dye with someone else (or save it for your next fiber extravaganza!) since I have some I can use (should I be lucky enough to win some undyed material).

    One more thing – I have to chime in that I made a braided wool rug once (from fabric strips, not roving). It was fun, but I really did a number on my hands when it came to linking the braid to itself. I used linen thread and had to yank on it quite hard to tighten it up properly. I ended up with lots of tape and bandaids to protect myself! The roving makes a very pretty braid and I wish you luck with that in the future.

    Oops! Sorry about the double post – I guess I accidently sent my comment along before it was finished, and I didn’t even notice until afterward! I would edit out the first (incomplete) version, but I don’t see how I can.

    Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

    (De-De’s note – took care of that for you, Karen. Thanks!)

  3. Girl you have worn me out in all you did! Amazing!!! My activity for your house would be learning to spin. I have hopes of getting a wheel with Farmer’s Market monies this year. I am not picky, I love all the goodies. But I do not have any grandsugars either…:o) I sent my sister Penny to your site. She has lots of toys too but not much time to learn/play. She does good work on dyeing her yarns. We do FM together. Miss reading the yahoo posts from you and Marissa. Hope she is doing well. I know you are!

  4. I followed you daily and liked everything you did. You made me want to do some dyeing and also to do a tri-loom shawl. My guild has a loom I can borrow.

    My first choice would be the pretty pale green and yellow silk hankies, followed by the hankies to dye, the the corriedale roving to dye.

    I was inspired to stop my knitting and get out my wheel and start spinning up some colored roving I have had for years. I did samples of 2 and 3 ply and stripping the roving in different ways to see what I like best. I want to do a fiber week of my own now.

  5. Do I really have to list just one thing I wanted to come to play at your house for? SInce I don’t know much about spinning and it piqued my interest the most…I think if I had to pick one thing it would be spinningweavingdyeingandknitting. How about that?

    If I could win what I wanted…I would choose the undyed silk first of all, It would be the coolest thing to learn and it is the most foreign fiber adventure to me. Second would be the yellow and green silk…even though they aren’t my colors it would be cool to learn. THird would be the undyed Rov Corriedale Roving to make up some mug rugs.

    You inspired me to try something different and dye yarn with my 4YO daughter using the leftover easter egg dye…and you inspiered me to finally try using my drop spindle to spin some yarn…well I have spun up some roving that was confiscated by aforementioned DD who chose it as her Tangled Princess hat! Colors are perfect.

    Thank you!!! Joy Linn

  6. I just read about your Fiber Adventures and I think that is a really WONDERFUL idea!! I wish I could have joined you in making the gradient rolags to spin – that is SO cool!
    For the candy, I’d like to try some dying with the silk first, wool second and yarn third.
    What I was inspired by you to want to go do… create some cool gradient(s) colors to spin!! This has me really jazzed and since I get to go to a *real* spinning retreat this weekend (OH YEAH!! I am SO needing this break!), I am now planning on bringing some roving colors and my carders to play with!! Also, I have a triloom (hand built my DH and I) that is about 2/3 woven – you have inspired me to finish my shawl and be unafraid to go forth and full it! I know it will need it as it is nowhere near as thick as I had hoped it would be. Thank you for the wonderful inspirations!!

  7. Well, first let me say my candy was reading about YOUR adventures. It has inspired me to want to do so many things – some of which I already do but would like to do more of, like dyeing and spinning.

    The project that MOST inspired me was definitely your tri-loom because I just got in the mail (yesterday) my very own tri-loom and am eager to learn how to do it. Your tri-loom experience motivated me to make that final “push” into buying one for myself. I’ve been contemplating it for a few months, and attended a fiber festival last month that really made me want one, and I was reading a book on the topic as well. But when I saw your beautiful tartan shawl, I swooned and sent my Paypal money off to the vendor I’d been discussing it with – Roger. I now have a 7′ tri-loom of my own, and hopefully I’ll have it assembled and start weaving on it pretty soon.

    Once the weather here warms up – we’ve had cold, rain and horrible storms for a month now, but once the weather dries and we see the sun again, I’ll be inspired to dye fiber again. Your beautiful spring colors are amazing.

    Like everyone said above, I’m amazed at all you accomplished.

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