One Done – Finally!

Yippee! Since I was cross training last week, it really seemed like I’d never get the first four ounces of my gradient fiber from Fiber Optics spun, but I finished it over the weekend, barely squeezing it onto one bobbin. Took longer than it should have, because I was picking out the little inconsistencies that were plaguing the second half of the roll. If the next one has them, too, I may give up the fight and let them through. Otherwise, I’ll be so sick of this spin I won’t finish the project.

I just love how the silk in this blend makes it glow!

Toughest part now is that I have to wait until I’m done with the other two bundles before I can see a finished project, and it does take a while to spin 4 ounces of wool fine. Not only am I eager to see the finished yarn, I’m dying to know how many yards I have. Until I have that answer, I can’t choose a project for it, and I’m so wanting to dream!

And I’m so eager to start my NEXT project! 😉

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  1. What wheel do you have? I have a Kromski Symphony and that reminds me of the same bobbin. I guess all the Kromski bobbins are probably alike though.

    That yarn you spun is amazing. Very prety stuff.

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