A Gift…

A gift for me and now for you…

An etsy seller, Beth Stone Studio,  linked me to her blog this evening, and through reading her recent, inspiring post, I was led to another blog post – one which left me wistful with memories and awe-filled from exposure to an incredible writing talent. If you have ever been a mother, find a quiet moment to read A Word for the Storms. When you go to view A Word for the Storms, if you have a connection that makes dealing with background music problematical, you will find a pause button right at the top of the page underneath the header. Clicking that will stop the music feed for you. I found it easier to focus on the lyricism of the words with the music silenced.

Dare I try to make a 1000 Gifts list? Some years ago, I had a small daily planner that I used to record one joy for each day. It was a good exercise for me, and I should have continued it. I honestly don’t know where it is right now. I purposely lose it, then I stumble upon it unexpectedly, sit and read it and smile, and purposely lose it again for months or years… So maybe I’ll try this and see what happens. 🙂

#0001 – God loves me – even when I don’t love myself or feel like anyone else does, for that matter!

#0002 – After working up my planting beds tonight with the only tool I could find – a garden rake with a broken handle – while feeding the mosquitoes, I found my first strawberry of the season, fat, juicy, and sweet, and I forgot instantly how much my wimpy muscles were aching!

#0003 – Fleecy surprises… When my Gotland fleece arrived, I thought it was tricolor with shades of brown and gray and a bit of white. When I pulled it from the muddy wash water, shining and delectably silky, it was the most stunning selection of grays and white that I’ve ever seen. It’s the most astonishing and wonderful transformation of raw fleece I’ve witnessed.


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  1. Thank you kindly for the link… :o) I’m glad you were inspired to start your own list – it’s certainly been life-changing for me…helps to keep things in the proper perspective. Happy counting….

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