Have They No Shame?

I don’t know about you, but if I took $15 from someone on the promise of delivering a package for them, it wouldn’t arrive to the recipient looking like this.This is compliments of the obviously talented gorillas who work for the United States Postal Service – and although our local postmistress was embarrassed by what had been done to it, that’s all the apology I got.Remember a few years back when we suddenly had to start paying more to send envelopes that don’t bend or fit through a particular slot on a card? I think it might be because it’s harder to damage or totally mutilate those items, thus taking more employee time to mangle the parcel. Ever since that change, it’s been a rare occurrence for me to receive a box I can reuse for shipping or packing, when before I could save nearly every box that came into the house.

In my opinion, an environmentalist looking for a cause should consider the USPS. Mutilating boxes means they can’t be used for further shipping, thus becoming trash (and our town doesn’t have a recycling program)  instead of living a longer, useful life. They are wasting resources – not to mention destroying personal property in the process.

And once said environmentalist resolves that problem, he or she can take on the curse of the disposable electronics and appliances. Surely I’m not the only person who remembers buying radios, cameras, telephones, televisions and expecting to have them a decade or two later? Now instead of taking the microwave or VCR DVD Blu-ray player to the repair shop, we chuck it into the landfill with millions of others, while acting self-righteous about not using paper towels or turning off the water when brushing our teeth. Something is seriously wrong here…

And now I’m going to put my soapbox away and get back to knitting. 😉


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  1. AMEN, sister!!!!!!!!!

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