Some Summer Gifts

My best friend reminded me tonight that I’d not been doing a good job of looking for blessings during this harried fortnight that included a friend’s unexpected widowhood and my father-in-law’s sirened chariot ride to the hospital. To be honest, I doubted anyone was reading them, not that that would be an acceptable reason for me to be blind to what God has been providing…

#0016 – The joy of being even one of several hundred who were touched by Norm’s life and gathered to celebrate and cry with his family – and the surprise of hearing Kermit the Frog singing Rainbow Connection between the homily and eulogy!

#0017 – The caregivers who made it possible for my father-in-law to go back home again instead of being the central character in my second funeral of the week.

#0018 – Air conditioning!

#0019 – Phlox, which are sweet enough to make me almost like the color periwinkle. 😉

#0020 – Hibiscus pollen dusting petals so fragile they can only survive one day of glory.

#0021 – Cotton buds, which remind me that “unique” can be different and wonderful. 🙂

#0022 – Promises

#0023 – Sunflowers on stilts, a vertical miracle after their storm flattened adolescence. (Not to mention, they are downright hilarious!)

#0024 – Tei Fu oil – because there are mosquitoes…

#0025 – The wheels of my dreams, to fill the treads of my stalwart, but no longer capable Oldsmobile. (Tempered a bit by the suddenness of the event making a loan necessary…) Finding “the” right color (Green Tea)  in the best model I drove with the lowest mileage and a competitive price is nothing short of a miracle!



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