Do Over

One of my biggest goals at the beginning of this year was to get back to blogging. I have really missed it! Then this year actually happened, and it started out with a bang. I’m the person who never goes to the doctor, but by the end of May, I did the math and realized I’d sought the help of a medical professional on average of once every 8 days. What a jolt for the person who only had an optometrist when the year began to suddenly have a whole list of medical phone numbers in her contact list! I’d also packed my suitcase for a trip on average of once every 21 days – which, admittedly was a lot more fun than all those medical doings. ;o)

Hmmm… I think I know why I didn’t start blogging – or accomplish much else – during the first half of the year…

As June began marching by, I decided I needed a do over. 2015 had to this point been far from the respite I needed after struggling with 10 deaths close to me, 2 more incidents that came very close to making it 12, and 9 trips in 2014. What if I tried to start fresh on July 1? Seemed worth doing, so I did a modest restart, and I’m happy to say that in at least some ways, it’s been a good thing. Life isn’t ever perfect, it would appear (only took me how long to come to that conclusion?), but so far the back half of this year is going a good bit better than the front half did. What a relief!

One huge goal is to be back here somewhat regularly. No magic wand is going to do catch up for me, and so much has happened since I was writing regularly… I’ve been wondering how I could ever find my way back into feeling comfy in my own blog with so much missing, and I’ve come to the conclusion that, like me, it’s just going to be a little different, at least until I get settled back in. I also thought maybe a quick summary would help me get my sea legs. To that end…

Things that are still the same:

  • I still knit – a LOT! (despite what the counter says on my sidebar)
  • I’m still spinning – but not enough
  • I still love my dolls, though my primary focus has shifted a bit
  • Remodeling is still a slow, but ever present entity
  • Clutter is still an ongoing problem
  • I’m still sponsoring Compassion children – though my little crew has increased a good bit 🙂
  • I’m still fighting to have enough hours in a day – and days in a lifetime, actually…
  • I still need to lose weight… again…
  • I still have a slightly off kilter sense of humor 😉
  • I’m still reading lots – but not likely to make my 100 book goal again this year due to “some” binge watching of YouTube offerings
  • My immediate family is still intact
  • I still believe that no matter what it may seem like at any given moment, God’s still in charge of it all
  • And my BFF is still just that! 🙂

What’s new:

  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Permanent vision damage
  • Weaving much more seriously – though not enough, IMO
  • Studying Spanish in a deliberate manner
  • Practicing Irish whistle and bowed psaltery (Christmas gift from daughters) consistently
  • I’m an Apple girl now – computer, iPad, and phone
  • Geocaching
  • Pathtags (son of geocaching…)
  • Reborn babies
  • Sticker charts

What’s gone:

  • Several treasured friends have passed away
  • My father-in-law also left us at age 91
  • We now have only 2 cats, having nursed the others through their last days over the past couple years, single-handedly supporting our veterinarian in the process
  • My sweet Reya pup is also gone after being our faithful companion for 17 years
  • Several previously dear friends are no longer part of my life
  • Ten 30-gallon garbage bags full of clothes my daughter helped me weed out of my wardrobe during a grueling weekend – possibly the best birthday gift I’ve ever received! (Not to mention it’s the only thing on the “what’s gone” list that I’m actually glad is gone!)

Okay… Onward and upward!!!

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