Goals 2010

No resolutions here for me. I set goals for myself instead. Do I honestly believe I will accomplish them all? No, of course not, but it sure would be wonderful if I did! Life tends to take me on a bit of a different ride than I’m imagining with tremendous regularity.  However, there’s no reason not to at least set out some plans for it to mess with, right?

My online miniatures group is doing a goals based project, and we were asked to spell out five mini goals, so I will start with those:

  1. Finish the interior and/or exterior of Friendship Cabin, a Real Good Toys Adirondack Cabin that we started several years ago, but which has languished untouched since sometime before the beginning of 2009
  2. Finish my Gail Wilson Hitty, which was started with enthusiasm during the online class, worked on for three nights, and now has the rest of the girls giving me “the look” for not getting their sister done
  3. Finish my Teresa Layman Cottage By the Sea project – actually barely started, and a massive project for someone who really doesn’t like embroidery or French knots. This will be a rug for Friendship Cabin.
  4. Finish my Boat Sampler – stitched on silk gauze – lots to go on it, but most of the hardest part is completed. Like the Layman project, I started this on our last cruise. Unlike the Layman project, I loved working on this one, so I did quite a bit more of it. Also belongs in Friendship Cabin, and perhaps will be finished on another cruise… Finished Aug 2010
  5. Knit something tiny – size 4/0 needles or smaller – probably something for my future miniature yarn shop

Fiber Goals:

  1. See #5 in the miniatures
  2. Publish at least 4 knitting patterns – Concerto 2/2010; Diamond Lovey and Sweetheart Lovey 2/27/2010
  3. Finish my spinning wheel
  4. Learn to use a spinning wheelThree skeins spun May 2010
  5. Knit a project from wool I’ve cleaned and spun, using a pattern I’ve designed
  6. Stash all my yarn on Ravelry – yes, maybe I’ll get it completed this year…
  7. Get competent purling continental – Okay, so I can do it, but I HATE it!!!
  8. Make another 2 pairs of socks for myself (maybe I’ll get the next done before I wear holes in what I have?) This was one pair until a friend twisted my arm and said I should try for two – and one pair has to be top down, to boot! ITEM #1 Rivulets – Apr 2010 ITEM #2 Chicago Sidewalk Socks Aug 2010
  9. Finish at least 3 of the projects currently languishing in my WIP/UFO tubs – items started before July 1, 2009. ITEM #1 – 01/16/10 Pink Heart BSJ, ITEM #2 – 08/2010 Suri Shetland Throw, ITEM #3 – 10/02/2010 – Marissa’s Prayer Shawl

Other Creative Goals:

  1. Finish at least one of the remodeling projects… sigh…
  2. Organize my computer photos, then print and label as I think necessary
  3. Spend at least a few minutes every week making music – Jan – Apr 🙂
  4. Learn my new camera
  5. Make up a Gail Wilson kit – see mini goal #2
  6. Finish Reba
  7. Make a pair of socks on my CSM3 pairs completed May 2010
  8. Probably crazy, but I joined a Navajo style weaving Yahoo group, and now I have the bug to weave something, even if it’s small
  9. Move one of my dolls from hospital patient status to display status – maybe Aaron, so he can show off his adorable knitted romper?

Personal Goals – and these tend to have a very familiar ring to them:

  1. End the year 25 pounds lighter than I started it – Nov 8 – right back where I started, thanks to falling
  2. Read 100 booksCompleted Nov 8
  3. End the year debt free – both money and promises made
  4. Go somewhere new – state or countryAlaska June 2010
  5. Clean out one of my email accounts
  6. I have a challenge with a friend to blog at least once each week
  7. Solidly memorize the scripture verses on my calendar – Jan – Oct 🙂
  8. Get the treadmill inside
  9. Spend time at least once each week working on a foreign language – Jan – Apr 🙂
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