Books 2017

This isn’t meant to be a blanket recommendation of these books, though I’ve found more than a few of them very enjoyable. It is simply a log of what I’ve read this year – good, bad, or otherwise. This year I’m adding some color coding as much for myself as anything, so I don’t keep accidentally picking up books by authors I can’t abide. Books in green are favorites – really good reads or somehow special and unique; books in red you couldn’t pay me to read again – unless you pay very well. 😉 Whatever is left in black are just average books.:)

6 – I’m No Angel – Kylie Bisutti

5 – Les Misérables – Victor Hugo

4 – The Priority List – David Menasche

3 – The Jungle Book I & II – Rudyard Kipling

2 – One Wild Bird at a Time – Bernd Heinrich

1 – The Pearl That Broke Its Shell – Nadia Hashimi (This book really has opened my eyes to understanding a lot of cultural things in the Bible)

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